Automotive Safety Inspection and Emissions Instructor

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Job Details:

Job Title: Automotive Safety Inspection and Emissions Instructor

Organization/School: Career Institute of Technology , Easton PA

Job Type: Part-Time

Job Description: Career Institute of Technology
Position Description
Automotive Safety Inspection and Emissions Instructor-Part time

Department: Adult Education
Status: Part-time, as needed
Schedule: Ability to work evenings

-Minimum of 5 years of work experience in the automotive mechanics field.
-PA Safety Inspection and Emissions License.
-Ability to teach automotive safety inspection and emissions to adult students.
-Possess good communication skills, patience, and the ability to adapt to the classroom/lab environment.
-Ability to use computer technology for communication and instructional purposes.
-Pre-employment physical & TB Test, Act 168, Act 34, Act 151, Act 114, and Act 24 paperwork.
-Teaching, training, and/or mentor experience preferred.

The performance responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to the follow:
-Instruct adult students in safety, basic automotive technology skills, inspection, and emissions testing.
-Develop, revise, and implement the curriculum, as well as all necessary supporting. materials and activities, in accordance with established guidelines and format.
-Provide a safe learning environment.
-Maintain daily attendance records.
-Assess student learning on a regular basis; maintain reports and training records.
-Utilize a variety of instructional delivery methods in order to motivate students and promote learning and engagement.
-Develop and maintain appropriate classroom management strategies.
-Maintain instructional equipment and provide for repairs as needed, in collaboration with the secondary program.
-Prepare and submit reports, information, and maintain inventory as required.
-Adhere to all policies enacted by the Joint Operation Committee and guidelines established by the Administrative Director.
-Other duties as assigned.

-Maintain a professional attitude and appearance.
-Model a sound work ethic and regular attendance.
-Possession and demonstration of excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Reports To: Adult Education Coordinator

Physical Requirements of Job:
-Up to 20 lbs.
Body movements:

CIT is an equal-opportunity employment, educational, and service organization.

I have read and understand the job's requirements and can perform the job's physical requirements either with or without reasonable accommodation.

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Start Date: TBA

Application Deadline: 09/01/2023

Application URL:

How to Apply: Email Rachel Rocco at or call 610-258-2857 x 3330

Contact Information:

Rachel Rocco
Career Institute of Technology
Adult Education
5335 Kesslersville Rd.

, PA 18040

(610) 258-2857

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