Assistant Principal

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Job Details:

Job Title: Assistant Principal

Organization/School: Lancaster County Career & Technology Center

Job Type: Full-Time


Job Summary
Provide student-focused leadership for all LCCTC campus students including placement services, work based education, student discipline, student recognition, student attendance, student organizations; provide leadership and assist in managing a comprehensive school safety program; assist in the administration of policies and procedures to achieve educational goals.

Essential Responsibilities:

Cooperative Education:
• Supervise work-based programs including cooperative education, internships, clinical experiences,
shadowing and job placement; supervise AYES, API, Co-Op, etc. Monitor and process co-op
documentation, including training agreements, training plans, employer surveys, etc.
• Provide instructor and student support services in relation to workplace learning programs.
• Provide support to instructors and students in relation to workplace learning programs.
• Coordinate instructor visitations to job sites, including assuring instructors complete Co-Op
visitation documentation.
• Coordination and oversight of Co-Op documentation and procedures including job site visitations.
• Develop workplace learning program partnerships; Explains policies and procedures to students and
employers; oversees compliance with policies of the Child Labor Laws.
• Approve potential Co-Op worksites to assure safe environment where students have a quality
learning experience.

Student-Focused Leadership
• Oversee attendance, grading and progress reporting to ensure compliance with school policy and
• Supervise the student discipline program and facilitate implementation ensuring the consistency of
rules and consequences; supervise the student intervention center and detention procedures;
annually update the Student Handbook and other informational materials and related disciplinary
procedures/forms; conduct meetings with students and staff to inform them of student
expectations and school rules; implement the Student Handbook and student discipline issues fairly
and consistently.
• Coordinate and supervise Response to Intervention (RTI) program and strategies working with
students, instructors, school counselors, IU staff and other student support personnel to manage
and minimize students discipline and increase student success in CTC programs.
• Work with instructors to assure implementation of appropriate student management strategies.
• Conduct parent and teacher conferences as required for all suspension cases, chronic attendance
problems, etc. Maintain accurate electronic records of all parental contact, and communicate with
administrative and support personnel from the participating districts. Direct the development of
probationary/behavioral contracts, while maintaining compliance with all laws, regulations and
• Maintain a comprehensive set of written records of all student referrals, investigations, and
resulting disciplinary consequences; maintain an automated log of all student suspensions, and
represent the school in legal matters involving students who have been referred to district courts, or
who are being considered for an alternative placement.
• Assist principal with the development and implementation of a school safety program including a
crisis management team; plan and supervise programs for students and staff which contribute to a
culture of safety, nonviolence and personal responsibility; implement the safety plan and ensure
compliance with all safety laws, regulations and guidelines, and reports in cooperation with the
safety committee.
• Coordinate student supervision during non-instructional times and establish in writing non-
instructional assignments/duties for staff.
• Promote school spirit through the coordination of student recognition activities such as Student of
the Month, perfect attendance, student assemblies, National Technical Honor Society, Skills USA,
Health Occupations Student Association, etc.
• Manage all student organizations including the development of an annual/approved calendar of
events and supporting budget; conduct a minimum of two advisor’s meetings a year between
campuses; ensure implementation of student organization activities as a co-curricular experience in
every approved CTE program; maintain a database of competition participation and results by
• Manage student transportation and oversight to assure students are in compliance with school
rules, and bus dock is staffed. Additional responsibilities including but not limited to the following,
student driving/permits and parking; coordinate transportation for student organization activities,
field trips, etc.
• Supervise selected components of the school-wide assessment program, including student testing
(e.g., NOCTI & STAR), senior survey and the collection and reporting of other student performance
measures as required by federal, state, local regulations, guidelines and policies.

Instructional Leadership
• Supervise the substitute teacher program consistent with state regulation and policy.
• Supervise and oversee career education and work standards. Work with teachers and substitutes to
assure completion of these tasks.
• Establish and maintain an Assistant Principals’ liaison group; meet a minimum of twice a year;
establish and maintain positive working relationships with all district personnel.
• Collaborate with Principal to observe and evaluate three professional staff. Document and
complete all related school and PDE documentation to assure compliance.
• Conduct informal observations of professional staff at campus
• Assist Principal to supervise all professional and support staff assigned to the campus on a day-to-
day basis and provide feedback to department supervisor for evaluation.
• Provide day-to-day oversight of Dual Enrollment and College in the High School initiatives to meet
PDE Programs of Study guidelines.
• Support professional development of self and others through proactive reflective practice and
inquiry; maintain the highest standard of professional behavior at all times; earn CTE Administrative
Director certification in a timely fashion.
• Perform other duties as assigned by the Administration.

Other Functions/Responsibilities:
Other duties as assigned

Personal Skills:
Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills

Technical Skills:
Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office

Division/Department: Secondary/Administration
Location: Brownstown Campus
Job Title: Assistant Principal/Supervisor of CTE
Responsible To (Supervisor): Assistant Director/Principal

Responsible For (Direct Reports): Support Staff to include: Disciplinary Aid, Part-Time and Full-Time Substitute(s); Part-Time Front Desk Assistant (secondary), Professional Staff: Three (3) Instructors,

$77,153- $92,584 annual; based on experience and education

Monday- Friday; Some weekends / evenings, 260 days per year

FLSA Status:       Exempt

Equal Opportunity Employer
Lancaster County Career & Technology Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Lancaster County Career & Technology Center ensures equal employment opportunities regardless of race, creed, gender, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability.  Any individual needing assistance in making application for any opening should contact the Human Resources at 717.464-7050, ext. 3139.

NOTE: Additional information is located on the website under Employment.


Start Date: 12/05/2022

Application Deadline: 11/28/2022

Application URL:

How to Apply: Log on to the website and click on the employment link.

Contact Information:

Nicole Jeandell
Lancaster County Career & Technology Center
Human Resources
1730 Hans Herr Dr

Willow Street, Pennsylvania 17584

(717) 464-7050

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