Administrative Director

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Job Details:

Job Title: Administrative Director

Organization/School: Cumberland Perry Area CTC

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description: Job Goal: The Administrative Director is the director of all aspects of CPACTC’s operations. The Director supervises all other administrators and their operations. The work environment is fast paced and requires many quick and accurate decisions. The Director must have excellent oral and written communication skills, must have the ability to interact with a wide range of people, must be able to function in a leadership role with staff and students, must be able to work collegially with other administrators and staff and must be able to interact with Superintendents, School Board members and members of the community at large.
Performance Responsibilities:
1. Envisions, plans, organizes and directs the total educational and administrative functions of the secondary, adult education, post-secondary and all other programs authorized by the Joint Operating Committee.
2. Stridently and persuasively advocates for 1) the benefits of career and technical education and 2) resources to benefit student success at CPACTC to external stakeholders in local and state government, within consortium of sending school districts, regional employers and industries, and other community members using varied media.
3. Remains informed on trends in career and technical education, curricular development and delivery, and the evolution of instruction in public schools.
4. Analyze student, program, and systems level data to inform decision-making and identify areas of improvement within the CTC.
5. With overall responsibility for the total program and general supervision of all administrative, supervisory, instructional and support staff, leads the CTC team effectively through effective communication, listening, collaboration, and support.
6. Serves as a member and works closely with the Professional Advisory Committee of consortium sending districts and is directly responsible to the Joint Operating Committee.
7. Ensures regular and transparent communication with sending districts regarding program offerings. Seeks collaborative solutions and coordinates with sending districts to find student-centered solutions.
8. Facilitates preparation of the Joint Operating Committee’s meeting agenda, provides guidance and advice as to topics for JOC committees and board meetings. Oversees proper execution of JOC business items and proactively communicates with JOC members on CTC activities.
9. Effectively leads the negotiation of contracts and agreements with vendors.
10. Coordinates and supports the JOC in collective bargaining and compensation plans for all employees.
11. Meets with and provides the Local Advisory Committee with necessary information and material to assure effective cooperation and operation.
12. Is responsible for the development and the administration of all policies in the Articles of Agreement and those approved by the Joint Operating Committee in conformity with state and federal regulations.
13. Directs the development of Competency-Based Instruction for all instructional programs.
14. Directs the preparation and submission of all local, state, and federal reporting.
15. Serves as the Civil Rights Compliance Officer, Complaint Officer, Right to Know Officer, Title XI, Section 504, and Title VI Officer.
16. Attends local, state and national meetings and conferences as approved by the Joint Operating committee.
17. Finalizes the selection of new and replacement personnel and recommends to the Joint Operating Committee for employment.
18. Provide vision and leadership to ensure professional development opportunities for administrators, teachers, and staff that enhance their knowledge, skills, and understanding of best practices in alignment with CTC strategic goals.
19. Develop and routinely update Job Position Guides for all administrative and supervisory positions, faculty and support staff, and provide the continued evaluation of all personnel.
20. Regularly survey the area served by the school to determine alignments with existing CTC offerings and for development of new programs.
21. Lead and manage change initiatives.
22. Directs the development of the school’s philosophy, objectives and aims, strategic plan, professional education plan, induction plan, and technology plan.
23. Assures the implementation of the school’s strategic and comprehensive plan documents. Regularly reviews progress with Joint Operating Committee and other stakeholders and oversees process to review and update Comprehensive Plan as per state mandates.
24. Oversees the development of the annual operating budgets for the school and presentation to the Joint Operating Committee and participating school districts.
25. Directs the development of the financial operations to carry out all programs based upon changing circumstances.
26. Is responsible for and directs the application of grant funding from state and federal sources.
27. Empower staff to develop and successfully implement initiatives.
28. Develop a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement for all staff.
29. Ensure access for all students to inclusive learning environments and work with administrative team and staff to foster a sense of belonging.
30. Commit to the fair treatment of all individuals, recognizing their inherent worth and potential.
31. Recognizing the varied backgrounds of students from sending school districts, as well as the CTC staff, ensure that decision making considers perspectives that reflect the diversity of people and ideas within the CTC population.
32. Assume any other responsibilities as assigned by the Joint Operating Committee.
1. Master’s Degree in Education or related field. PA Certification for Career and Technical Administrative Director
eligible to obtain PA certification.
2. Ten years of similar or related experience including time spent in preparatory positions.
3. Knowledge of and familiarity with insurance benefit plans, including design, function, and vocabulary, preferred.
4. Knowledge of and experience implementing local, State, and Federal laws affecting the human resources
function (ACA, ADAA, FMLA, FLSA, HIPAA, WC, etc.).
5. Knowledge of Employee Evaluation methods and systems required.
6. Excellent communication and presentation skills are required.
7. Ability to use discretion and maintain confidentiality in handling sensitive matters is required.
8. Must demonstrate a professional, rational demeanor working with all customers.
9. Must have proficient to advanced knowledge and skills using all Microsoft Office Suite products.
10. Must have proficient technology skills in order to learn and operate the HRIS.
11. PA Public School experience preferred.


Start Date: 8/28/2024

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How to Apply: Visit the following link

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Cumberland Perry Area CTC

110 Old Willow Mill Road

Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

(717) 697-0354

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