New Director’s Academy – Part 2

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Target Audience:

New Directors (less than five years of experience), current administrators aspiring to the Director’s position, or current Directors (Not required to have completed Part 1)

PIL Hours to be Awarded:



Dr. Gerald Witmer (Jere)


The New Director Academy – Part 2 is a 30-hour PIL that will provide 14 hours of content that directly relates to the PIL Corollary Standard I:  Creating a culture of teaching and learning with an emphasis on learning; and Corollary Standard III:  Collaborating, communicating, engaging, and empowering others inside and outside the organization to pursue excellence in learning.  The course content will be delivered through 10 hours of synchronous instruction and 20 hours of job embedded assignments focused on (1) Chapter 339; (2) Curriculum; and (3) School culture.

The culminating project will include:  Discussion of how participants shared the vision for the plan; Strategies used to engage teachers and provide a collaborative work environment; Success and challenges experienced in implementing the change process and maintaining momentum of the change effort; Student achievement performance measures that were selected for the plan, as well as any other measures of success; How the change effort is being monitored for implementation; and How the school is celebrating success.

Administrators will gain skill and evidence for components of the Framework for Leadership in Domains 1d, 2d, 2b, 2e, 2e, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4c.

NOTE: Participants from PACTA Institutional Member Schools receive a 10% discount. If you are not sure if your school is an institutional member of PACTA, contact Jackie Cullen at (717) 761-3381 or

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