New Director Academy – Part 1

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TARGET AUDIENCE: New Directors (less than five years of experience), current administrators aspiring to the Director’s position, or current Directors

DATES/LOCATIONS: October 24, 2023 – Hybrid Delivery Model


INSTRUCTOR: Gerald Witmer


The New Director Academy – Part 1 is a 30-hour PIL for new directors (less than five years of experience), current administrators aspiring to the director’s position, or current directors who desire a more in-depth understanding of the critical aspects of their roles and responsibilities and desire to network with their peers. The course will be delivered through five of sessions synchronous instruction and three one-hour mentoring sessions. This will allow participants to maintain contact with the instructors and course/project facilitator to provide the maximum opportunity for participants to be able to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to answer the essential questions and to fulfill the competencies and sixteen hours of job-embedded assignments of the course.

The course topics are (1) Supervision and evaluation, (2) Leadership, and (3) Connecting supervision, evaluations, and leadership to student achievement.

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